About The Yacht

Urchin Sailing Yacht is a 56 foot long pilot house monohull, designed with an immensely strong aluminium hull, with a lifting keel and rudder, to a very high specification, for the specific purpose of being able to venture into the high latitudes and ice. She is extremely well appointed, with three different central heating systems, all round views from the pilothouse, a very spacious galley and three separate cabins, each able to accommodate two people. She boasts a 150 litre per hour watermaker, a washing machine, microwave oven and an above average capacity for frozen foodstuffs. She is equipped with two very robust zodiacs each with their own outboard. The diesel tanks can carry 2100 litres of diesel, and the water tanks 1100 litres of water. The lifting keel and rudder provide opportunities to access very shallow anchorages, which offer many advantages, including the ability to anchor outside of the path of large moving ice in the high latitudes. She is a very comfortable and very secure vessel.

About The Captain

Stuart Kirk is the proud owner and captain of Urchin. Stuart commisioned Urchin and has seen his dream of a robust, safe and capable high latitude exploring vessel realised in Urchin. Urchin has had since become one of the foremost expedition vessels in South Africa with many success voyages under Stuarts expert captaining skills. 

Stuart is often joined on a voyage by a carefully selected group of co-skippers to ensure the vessel is suitably manned by skillful seaman at all times.

Stuart and his co-skippers are looking forward to welcoming guests aboard his vessel as she sets sail again for another successful season ahead. 

As Stuart travels the world on Urchin, he has developed knowledge of some of the most remote places in the world and in many cases has formed close relationships with the island communities.

Watch Urchin Being Launched in the video below