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Whats On Offer?

Mills Boat Academy and Urchin Sailing Expeditions have teamed up to offer 2 experiences:

Voyager & Mile-Building Trips offer individual berths aboard Urchin. No sailing experience is required (however you are bound to learn a whole lot!) and you can chose which of the many trips to join us on. The trips are preplanned and so there is no organisation or planning required. Just pick a trip, arrange your passport and flights.

These trips are also perfect for those needing ocean sailing experience and miles. Why settle for a standard trip up the coastline when for a similar price you can get real ocean experience on a purpose built expedition vessel. For our super-yacht customers needing mileage this experience will truly make CV pop. 

Charter Trips are for those who want to customise their experience. Have you dreamt of your own expedition but don’t have the vessel or team ready to help you get there? Our charter guests can customise dates, locations sailed and even what you’d like for dinner! 

What We Do

  • Megan Dalton, Gough Island Restoration Project
    "Beautiful and comfortable yacht, extremely competent and happy Captain and crew, but what makes Urchin sailing truly stand apart is their heart. Stuart and Charlie make you feel at home with their sincere kindness and yacht-spitality. The only reason I am sad to not be spending 8 more days at sea is I won’t be enjoying their delightful company. Thanks for a great trip."
  • Hareen De Silva, Former General Practitioner at National Health Service.
    "Luxurious and hardy yacht. Enjoyed my 10 days sailing from the roaring 40's to Cape Town. Captain Kirk and Co-skipper Tor were lovely and enjoyed sailing with them. If you're lucky you'll enjoy the excellent food cooked by the land crew that's in the freezer."